A Global Brands’ Platform, Tradings made Simple
IMX is a global brands’ platform, tradings made simple.

The “China Express” is rolling out, and the 2018 China International Import Expo (“CIIE”) creates new opportunities for global development. The open and active Chinese market brings innumerable opportunities to countries and regions of the world.

International Merchandise Exchange & Exhibition Co. Ltd (IMX), is a subsidiary of Hong Kong King Wai Group. We offer clients a one-stop solution for imported merchandise exhibition and trade, port services and sales channels in China. It is recognized by the Shanghai Government as a “6+365” Permanent Exhibition and Trade Platform and as the official “Foreigners Service Point” of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone for the China International Import Expo (CIIE).

IMX boasts service facilities in key cities of China, with a total built-up area of 2 million square meters. In particular, our exhibition center located in the core of the Shanghai Hongqiao CBD, utilizes latest information technology,possesses a high-class professional team, and benefits from the area being a convenient transportation hub. The center hosts regular and permanent trade exhibitions, and provides clients comprehensive marketing services. With bonded warehouses in dual-airport cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, we provide clients exceptional customs clearance services, are well-connected with trade show centers and offer seamless and convenient cross-border supply chain services. Bauhinia Valley•KJT(www.kjt.com), an IMX subsidiary established in 2013, pioneered China’s cross-border e-commerce platform industry and provides online marketing channels for the Chinese market.

IMX is a global brands’ platform, tradings made simple.

International Merchandise Exchange and Exhibition

Showcasing your products on Chinese partners' doorstep all year round

IMX Exhibition Center: Located in the core of Shanghai Hongqiao CBD, the center has exhibition halls, permanent showrooms and high-end offices.

  • Comprehensive

    An excellent platform for a diverse range of exhibitions, with a flagship exhibition hall and business office facilities that can meet all kinds of professional exhibition, business promotion and corporate headquarter needs. It is also an excellent platform to host new product launches, and to conduct business negotiations and meetings.
  • Convenient

    Located in the world’s unique Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub complex. Excellent flight connectivity, high-speed trains, expressways, buses and subway network provide access to a potential 1 billion population within a 2-hour economic and living circle, connecting businesses and consumers.
  • Professional

    Serves the entire marketing, trading, import and distribution chain for high-end global products. Covers general trade, exhibition & display and cross-border e-commerce, realizing online and offline exhibition and trade leveraging latest technologies.
  • Trading hassle-free with global supply chain solutions

    Globally integrated cross-border supply chain

    The network of integrated bonded warehouses in dual-airport cities across China, is well-connected with global overseas warehouses, forming a cross-border trade supply chain service system across China.

    The unique operation model of bonded warehouse integrated with a commercial exhibition center enables global businesses to not only win more orders while exhibiting imported products, but they can also start distributing and delivering products in China from the very next day.

    Abundant storage capacity in major cities makes it easier to gain access to regional consumer markets, facilitating concentrated stocking, nationwide distribution, faster product turnover and lower capital cost.

    IMX Smart Supply-chain offers efficient, convenient and traceable one-stop door-to-door service, covering the global supply chain network. With GPS-based sea, land and air monitoring during the entire process, there is complete visual cargo tracking, guaranteeing safe arrival of your products.

    IMX is experienced in “e-port” business and boasts good online clearance capability.

  • Sourcing global brands and domestic distributors

    IMX helps global brands gain access to Chinese distributors and consumers

    Rich resources: Hong Kong, Thailand, ASEAN, Europe and North America enjoy advantages in terms of being the place of origin for innumerable products. The government of Thailand has also authorized “Thailand Trust Mark” to IMX. Furthermore, the business exhibition center is located in a convenient transportation hub, providing easy access to a steady stream of Chinese purchasers and visitors.

    Online channels: Bauhinia Valley·KJT.com (KJT.com), a “365-day” permanent exhibition and trading platform for imported goods, works well with numerous cross-border e-commerce platforms.

    Permanent exhibition: Global brands have easy access to Chinese channels, enabling them to provide high-quality international products to Chinese consumers.

    Professional marketing: The Shanghai government has authorized IMX to be a “Permanent Exhibition and Trade Platform” and a “Foreigners Service Point” of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone for the China International Import Expo (CIIE). IMX can thus support international businesses in their Chinese marketing planning, exhibition services and business hospitality, and help expand Chinese marketing channels and overseas goods supply channels.

  • Capturing innovative technology and policies promoting trade facilitation

    Smart technology and innovation facilitates trade

    With the help of the “Bauhinia Valley” platform, a subsidiary of Hong Kong King Wai Group, IMX is incubating and cultivating scientific and technological innovation capacity, and using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence to provide diverse supply chain supporting service functions.

    IMX is actively implementing blockchain technology in international trade and supply chain finance, to enable three key areas: 1) track the movement of goods throughout the supply chain; 2) simplify payment settlement and cross-border settlement; and 3) build traceability and integrity of goods.

    As a founding member participating in the establishment of an operation center for the Asia-Pacific Model E-port Network—an NGO approved by APEC—IMX has been actively promoting the formation of a data network and cooperation platform across ports, to achieve data exchange and interoperability among various systems in the supply chain.

IMX Positioning

IMX provides brand exhibition, bonded exhibition and trading venues for global branded product manufacturers and businesses, large retail buyers, professional buyers, cross-border e-commerce business as well as display and exhibition institutions. It fills the gap in bonded exhibition and trade services in core areas of Shanghai Hongqiao CBD, and is helping develop a distribution center for high-end imported products from around the world in the Shanghai Hongqiao CBD, radiating across the Yangtze River Delta as well as the entire country. It aims to greatly improve trade facilitation level of the Shanghai International Trade Center and help build brands such as Shanghai Shopping and Shanghai Service.

IMX Advantages

Official Certification

IMX is one of China’s first certified “6+365” Permanent Exhibition and Trade Platform, "Foreigners Service Point" of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone and Thailand’s “Thailand Trust Mark”.

  • Integrated & innovative "store-warehouse-exhibition-sale" service model

    Integrating imported product exhibition and display, bonded exhibition and trade, cross-border supply chain and commercial office facilities, IMX provides seamless and comprehensive linked online and offline exhibition and trade services for domestic and overseas businesses, all year round.

  • Bonded warehousing network distributed across comprehensive bonded zones in unique dual-airport cities across China

    IMX’s integrated bonded warehousing network in dual-airport cities across China is well-connected to global overseas warehouses and has established a cross-border trade supply chain service system across China. East China (Shanghai): Comprehensive bonded zone of Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Jiading Export Processing Zone. South China (Guangzhou): Comprehensive bonded zone of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Southwest China (Chengdu): Comprehensive bonded zone of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. North China (Beijing): Shunyi Tianzhu free trade zone of Beijing Capital International Airport. This service network has a huge storage capacity of 1.10 million m³ for bonded warehousing and unique network clearance capacity.

  • Collection and distribution platform for high-end global products

    IMX Exhibition Center is a platform for high-quality global imported products and provides one-stop services for business exhibitions of overseas brands in China. IMX Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao) is 1 km from the Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub. Excellent flight connectivity, high-speed trains, expressways, buses and subway network provide access to a potential 1 billion population within a 2-hour economic and living circle, connecting businesses and consumers.

  • Cross-border data collaboration center

    The IMX cross-border data collaboration center uses cross-border trade and exhibition trade data as the core link to interconnect overseas suppliers, domestic professional purchasers, cross-border logistics providers, cross-border financial institutions and customs authorities. By integrating advanced technologies such as robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, blockchain and Fintech to the IMX cross-border data collaboration center, IMX aims to create a convenient and low-cost one-stop effective platform for overseas businesses to enter the Chinese market.

IMX Operation Model
Overseas freight brokering, overseas warehouse operation, export clearance operation, international transportation, etc;

One-stop overseas supply chain service for establishing overseas network in major cities。
Port services、Bonded warehousing、Logistics transportation;

Flexible operation of bonded warehouses across multiple customs districts and ports across China。
Convention and exhibition center, trade center, business office;

Core area location advantage, 5 minutes’ drive from Hongqiao transportation hub,Comprehensive high-end commercial complex for all kinds of commercial exhibition activities.
Store front
Offline component: Business exhibition center
  • Hongqiao, Shanghai

    Located in the core of the Hongqiao transportation hub, IMX Exhibition Center (Hongqiao, Shanghai) is a landmark building with a built-up area of 110,000 square meters, housing a convention and exhibition space for different industries, and boasts cutting-edge design. It is a perfect platform for expos, permanent exhibitions and trade in international imported products from all perspectives (covering exhibition and display, bonded exhibition, trade and cross-border e-commerce), providing local and international businesses who are participating in CIIE with comprehensive one-stop services—China payment settlement, headquarter establishment, flagship exhibition hall for imported products, trade channel development, and online and offline exhibition and trade.

  • Wuqing, Tianjin

    Located in Wuqing District, Tianjin, IMX Exhibition Center (Wuqing, Tianjin) lies at the intersection of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei provinces. It is an important core area and bridgehead of the national “coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province” strategy. The exhibition center is located across from Wuqing High speed Railway Station, ensuring visitors can easily reach downtown Tianjin in 10 minutes, downtown Beijing in 20 minutes, as well as enjoy easy access to the Beijing Capital International Airport. The planned floor area is 600,000 square meters, which designed by the world-renowned company--Lead 8. The project covers houses commercial entities, supporting offices and apartments. Integrating trade, finance, logistics, conference and exhibition, e-commerce and other elements of modern service industry and covering five major functional areas—themed business and trade area, hotel and exhibition area, business office area, leisure entertainment area and supporting residential area—the Center will become a permanent exhibition and trade platform for high-end products from across the world entering the North China market.

  • Shuangliu, Chengdu

    The IMX Exhibition Center (Shuangliu, Chengdu) is located in the core area of Chengdu Shuangliu Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, the only core supporting area for free trade in Sichuan with both, an international airport and special customs supervision area. The Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is the fourth largest aviation hub in China. The Exhibition Center covers an area of about 31,400 square meters and has a total built-up area of about 116,000 square meters. It brings together various services such as import trade, cross-border e-commerce, international business services, cross-border supply chain services and bonded warehousing and logistics. The focus is on developing mid-to-high-end imported product exhibitions and an international exhibition economy, with international business services, financial settlement and other commercial activities, to build an internationally renowned and first-class international business cluster area in China.

Online component: Bauhinia Valley·KJT.com

Bauhinia Valley·KJT.com(www.kjt.com)

At the end of 2016, Hong Kong King Wai Group wholly acquired one of the first official cross-border shopping platforms for Shanghai Free Trade Zone approved by the State Council and renamed it “Bauhinia Valley·KJT.com”. As IMX’s first cross-border e-commerce import platform in China, it not only provides “one-stop and transparent cross-border online shopping services” for consumers, but also provides foreign businesses with one-stop cross-border supply chain services.
The “Bauhinia Valley·KJT.com” platform brings together nearly 100,000 types of imported products from more than 50 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, Australia and Thailand, and maintains a service commitment of 2-24 hour customs clearance.

Back-end warehouse
Overseas warehouse
  • Global overseas warehouse

    IMX’s overseas warehouse division offers appropriate overseas warehouse services in major cities around the world, such as London, Marseilles, Frankfurt, Brussels, Incheon, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. It provides one-stop overseas supply chain services such as overseas collection, overseas warehousing operation, export customs clearance operation and international shipping for the local businesses in IMX’s platform.

    IMX overseas warehouse layout


    AEC CITY located in Bangkok, Thailand is the main operational entity of IMX for overseas cross-border trading. It is an important cross-border trade service platform in Bangkok, launched by King Wai Group in response to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Established within the “Bauhinia Valley ASEAN City Project”, located in the economic corridor in East Thailand, the zone supports overseas investment attraction, entry consultation services, administrative operation management services, financial operation management services, supply chain operation management services, and has a trading market management platform.

Domestic bonded warehousing
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport Bonded Warehouse

    The Shanghai Pudong International Airport bonded warehouse is located within the comprehensive bonded zone of Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the third largest airport in terms of cargo throughput in the world, which lies along the major air routes of Asia, Europe and America. The location boasts of strong external and internal radiation capacity. Leveraging the strong economic resources of the Yangtze River Delta hinterland, the airport’s comprehensive bonded zone makes use of Shanghai Pudong International Airport’s airline resources and unique regional advantages, to develop a shipping hub in the Asia-Pacific region. The total storage capacity of bonded warehouse at Shanghai Pudong International Airport is planned to be 200,000 m³, which about 30,000 m³ has been put into operation.

  • Shanghai Jiajingtong Bonded Warehouse

    The Jiajingtong bonded warehouse is located at the center of Jiading Export Processing Zone, at No. 4500, Baoqian Road, Jiading District. It is adjacent to the Zone’s centralized supervision area and boasts high operational efficiency. Located at the northwest gateway of Shanghai, the Zone connects Shanghai and Jiangsu Province, and lies at the center of 15 city clusters in the Yangtze River Delta region. The 2-hour logistics service circle covers the whole of Shanghai and many first-tier cities in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and radiates across the Yangtze River Delta region. The total storage capacity of bonded warehouse in Jiajingtong is 20,000 m³ at present.

  • Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Bonded Warehouse

    The total storage capacity of bonded warehouse in Chengdu is planned to be 520,000 m³, which about 8,000 m³ has been put into operation. It provides cross-border e-commerce bonded import services through Chengdu Airport Bonded Logistics Center (Type B). As an important distribution center of IMX in West China), it provides strong support for IMX’s nationwide logistics layout.

IMX has four major bonded warehouses in dual-airport cities across China