A Global Brands’ Platform, Tradings made Simple

Marketing services

IMX has built a marketing system for overseas brands covering the entire chain, from brand promotion and channel development to exhibition promotion. By integrating brand communication, special product exhibition and sales, themed professional exhibitions and holiday sales promotion activities, IMX can ensure rapid increase in brand awareness of imported products. It supports merchants to efficiently develop online and offline channels to rapidly increase their sales. At the same time, IMX also seeks out optimal commercial policies for merchants through the excellent communication channels it has built with the government, enabling them to share opportunities in China’s expanding import and opening up economy, in the new era.

Convention and exhibition service

IMX will help host various types of professional themed exhibitions, new product launch activities and new product promotion and provide venue leasing and supporting leasing services for holding conventions and exhibitions. IMX also organizes member groups and helps registered merchants to participate in various national high-end exhibition activities.

Brand promotion

IMX helps establish brand image for registered merchants. It helps them gain rapid access to the market by leveraging the group’s influence, integrated promotion plans, brand positioning in China, consumer demand analysis, brand packaging, nationwide tour exhibitions and advertising.

Policy support

As an innovative commercial and trade project, IMX will apply to the government for policy support, and shall subsequently enable registered merchants to benefit from the same, to establish an IMX and merchant development community.