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China port supply chain services

Port services, Bonded warehousing, Logistics transportation, Supply chain finance (cooperation)

Port services

Includes: Port delivery order exchange (domestic), import declaration and port delivery.

Bonded warehousing

With four important bonded warehouse centers in China, IMX provides independent warehouse leasing service to overseas businesses. Targeted and customized warehousing operation services are also offered based on the needs of overseas businesses, such as checking and receiving goods upon arrival, shelf placement of goods and storage, order picking, goods packaging, delivery and handover.

Logistics transportation

IMX cooperates with well-known logistics suppliers in China, to provide comprehensive customized transportation plans for overseas businesses, optimize logistics transportation network, effectively control logistics cost and improve transportation efficiency for overseas businesses.

Supply chain finance (cooperation)

IMX provides four financing plans:
offshore financing against domestic guarantee, inventory pledge, financing of trade receivables and credit loan.