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IMX Business Exhibition Service

IMX business exhibition service includes three functions: convention and exhibition center, trade center and high-end business supporting functions.

Convention and exhibition center

With a 6.9-meter floor-to-ceiling height and a large atrium on the first floor, the IMX Exhibition Center leverages spatial scale and cutting-edge design to host large industry conventions and exhibitions, organize various professional themed exhibitions, new product release activities and new product promotions, and provides matching venue leasing and supporting rental services.

Trade center

The trade center provides relevant local and international businesses participating in the CIIE, comprehensive one-stop services for settlements in China, establishment of headquarters, opening of flagship exhibition halls for imported goods, development of trade channels as well as online and offline exhibition and trade. It provides various types of shop leasing services including flagship stores, brand stores, imported general merchandise counters, luxury car showrooms, smart/new energy car showrooms, as well as personalized customization areas for high-end apparel, jewelry and household products, to meet demands of different overseas businesses at IMX.

Business office

IMX provides a variety of business office space.Includes business office supporting functions such as casual dining. Taking advantage of the river landscape to the southwest, the outdoor terrace combines themed catering bars to provide optimal business negotiation, party and themed party venues. A choice of high-quality Cantonese and Japanese cuisine is available for business banquets. The most distinctive feature of the business office supporting functions is the rooftop executive lounge. The northeast terrace offers spectacular views of the Hongqiao transportation hub (high-speed trains racing in and out the station as well as flights taking off and landing at the airport). The comprehensive business office supporting functions integrate both business and leisure services.