A Global Brands’ Platform, Tradings made Simple


A Unique Channel & An Effective Platform to Enter Chinese Market


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Before I begin, I would like to once again thank Mr. Shen Weihua for his keynote speech and Vice Chairman Wang for sharing his insight. Both sharing were full of wisdom and I am sure everyone in attendance was able to learn something from it. Now, I would like to take this opportunity to make an introduction on IMX which stands for International Merchandise Exchange & Exhibition Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Hong Kong King Wai Group. Hopefully after this introduction everyone will have a better understanding of IMX, including why we created IMX; what is the IMX one-stop service and most importantly; what IMX can do for China’s importing needs.

Announced by our President Xi Jinping at the Belt and Road Forum in May 2017, November 5th 2018 marks the grand opening of the first edition of the China International Import Expo. As the world’s first national-level expo themed on import, the success of this event was the fruit of the combined effort from China, international organizations, and corporations from all over the world. Tens of thousands exhibitors worldwide participated in this historical event and IMX is thrilled to be able to play a role in it. President Xi said it best during the keynote speech at the Expo’s grand opening that globalization is an irreversible historical trend. Openness and collaboration are the engines of global growth and vitality. President Xi also urged China to invigorate import potential, continue to relax market access, and promote in-depth development of multilateral and bilateral cooperation to further expand opening up. Only by opening up will the Chinese economy experience high-quality development and China will never close the doors to its market, but instead will open them even wider! 

China, being one of the world’s largest economy has experienced growth, which is unprecedented anywhere in the world for the past 40 years and it is still growing. China has been leading the world in terms of exports for a decade and imports growth is following closely behind. The well-being of our people and Sino-foreign trade goes hand in hand and as the standard of living of Chinese people improves, the need for quality consumer imports also increases. 

By accelerating Sino-foreign trade, China and our trading partners will be able to learn from each other our best qualities and apply to all facets of our society. This is very much in the spirit of the Belt and Road Initiative introduced by our President Xi, which encourages mutually beneficial cooperation. 

What I said is true even with the ongoing US China trade conflict. We believe that this is actually a great time to explore quality products from all around the world and we at IMX not only looks to facilitate but we are taking on a leadership role and proactive stance on accelerating imports with our unique platform.  

We are honoured that IMX was one of the first corporations to be recognized as the “6 365” Permanent Exhibition and Trade Platform and an official “Foreigners Service Point” of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone for the Import Expo. KJT.com, founded by our group, was the very first cross-border ecommerce platform recognized by state council in the free trade zone. With this honour we promise we will do everything in our ability to help open this door to a greater and stronger China.

Today is also a very monumental day for IMX as we officially unveil to the world our IMX exhibition centre located at the core of the Shanghai Hongqiao CBD which will feature exhibition halls, permanent showrooms and high-end offices. It is one of the three IMX exhibition centres we have planned, the other two located in Tianjin and Chengdu. These exhibition centres are a part of a much greater chain of IMX one-stop solution for imported merchandise exhibition and trade which I will go into greater detail later. Everyone from IMX is very proud of our Shanghai Hongqiao exhibition centre and we believe it provides a taste of what is to come when IMX continues to develop and takes shape. 

With that said I would like to make an introduction to the IMX platform and what are the functions and advantages in using this one-stop global service. But first please do allow me to take a moment to introduce our company and give a brief background to everyone here.

IMX is a subsidiary of Hong Kong King Wai Group which was founded in 1983 by Dr. Chan King Wai in Hong Kong. Over the years, everyone at King Wai Group adhered to the core values of “Responsibility creates value and mission inspires people”. Under the leadership of Dr. Chan, our Group has thrived in the commercial sector and is now operating four major strategic businesses which includes: number one, real estate – which boasts smart, green eco-city; number two, finance – which is key for the Group’s transformation and global development; number three, Bauhinia Valley – which expertise is in scientific and technological innovation propelling the Group from traditional industries into the new economy; and finally IMX – which is what I will be going into right now.

Inspired by the mission of encouraging imports and the standard of living of the Chinese people, and with the responsibility of creating a platform that is mutually beneficial to our clients as well as the country, we at IMX has created a one-stop solution for imported merchandise exhibition and trade, port services and sales channels in China. It is recognized by the Shanghai Government as a “6 365” Permanent Exhibition and Trade Platform and as the official “Foreigners Service Point” of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone for the Import Expo.

As IMX motto goes, it is a “global brands’ platform, tradings made simple”. We develop the platform with the aims to provide our clients with a hassle free professional service that can maximize their exposure at a very reasonable cost. 

We have invented an integrated and innovative “Store-warehouse-exhibition-sale” service model that can bring products from all over the world directly to Chinese customers all year around. This service model basically covers all the critical areas of the import supply chain which includes overseas warehousing, international clearance and transportation. After the goods reach China we provide port services, bonded warehousing and logistics transportation. And then on the marketing and distribution front we have our exhibition center which is making its official opening today and product distribution channel such as our own Bauhinia Valley - KJT.com, or connect with mainstream e-commerce platforms such as ICBC mall, NetEast Kola and Bolome to make the whole process seamless and effective.

Since this week is the first China International Import Expo I would like to draw special attention to our world-class business exhibition centers. I am doing so not only to keep consistent with the expo theme but the exhibition centers are actually one of the most vital component to the IMX operation. 

It is true to a product producer and exporter that the potential of the Chinese market is 1.3 billion people with over 12 trillion yuan of total imports, but it also means these potential buyers are presented with the choice of millions different types of products each day. So you could have the best products in the world but if you are not being exposed to the right people, the product will be lost in the myriad of options. What our exhibition centers could do is to become that medium and gateway that narrows these possibilities into the best products facing the right people, 365 days a year. By best products I do not mean the most expensive but these are the products that are free from safety issues and come from a traceable and credible origins. These products will be the backbone and the driving force to a steady and healthy growth of consumer goods imports. 

As previously mentioned, IMX currently has three of these state of the art exhibition centers planned and they are located in Wuqing District of Tianjin – which lies at the intersection of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei provinces with a planned floor area of 600 thousand square meters; also Shuangliu District of Chengdu – which lies right in the core area of Chengdu Shuangliu Comprehensive Free Trade Zone with a planned floor area of 116 thousand square meters; and finally at the core of the Hongqiao transportation hub in Shanghai with a built-up area of 110 thousand square meters. Our Hongqiao Hub is the perfect place for brand exhibition, bonded exhibition and trading venues for global branded product manufacturers and businesses, large retail buyers, professional buyers, cross-border e-commerce business as well as display and exhibition institution. 

The connectivity potential of our Shanghai landmark building which combines flight, high-speed trains, expressways, buses and subway network is 1 billion population within a 2-hour economic and living circle. This exhibition center truly captures the essence of convenience. 

To complement our exhibition centers and supply chain in China we have four domestic bonded warehouses in dual-airport cities across China with a total planned storage capacity of 1.1 million cubic meters. The warehouses are located in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Guangzhou which as you can see covers the northern, southern, eastern and western part of China. 

The vast locational coverage of IMX exhibition and warehouses in China is perfectly matched by our international warehouse space that are strategically established at major cities around the world such as London, New York, Los Angeles, Incheon, Frankfurt, Bangkok, Sydney, Tokyo, and Hong Kong just to name a few. Bangkok of Thailand is actually much more than just a warehouse space as IMX has established AEC CITY in response to China’s Belt and Road Initiative back in 2013. 

We believe that with such a comprehensive network of infrastructure in place, it is quite possible that everything in the world can be made available to the whole Chinese population in a convenient, economical and safe fashion. 

To sum up, IMX provides in total six major services which includes business exhibition, online channel, marketing, high-end business, global supply chain and China port supply chain services. Because at IMX we understand that all clients have different needs so all these six major services can further branch out into a great deal of valued-added and most importantly customizable professional services. Take our marketing services for example, we are capable in providing our clients integrated promotion plan as well as brand positioning consultation that includes packaging, advertising, new product launch, themed exhibition and forum that tailors to the Chinese market. We can even help our clients in applying for different types of government policy supports. Another example would be of our high-end business services in which some of our clients might need a greater physical presence in China but would still like to easily enjoy what IMX can provide then we are also capable of providing headquarters space, business villa, office leasing, concierge service, housekeeper-type service, and even catering service. The idea of our one-stop service is to help our clients and potential exporters make the transition into China a smooth and hassle free experience. All they would have to worry about is their own product and we will fully take care of all their business needs here at IMX.  

There are so much more I want to say regarding our IMX experience but given the limited amount of time I was only able to give a general introduction of our one-stop global service. But I hope that everyone here learned something about our platform and could feel the excitement and potential of what this platform can do for the country’s import and for all the producers that would like to bring their goods into this massive market. As President Xi said, the import expo will not only continue every year but it must also improve every year. We stand by the same ideals and we hope to show the world a better version of IMX next year in the second import expo! 

Having said that this concludes my presentation for this forum and I would also like to invite everyone to stay for the IMX official launch and to visit the IMX Exhibition Centre. If you have not already please come visit our show floor at the China International Import Expo as well. Please do not hesitate to talk to me or our staff about anything regarding the IMX. I look forward to hearing more about other relevant topics from the rest of the expert speakers and I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the forum and Import Expo. Thank you!